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Disney’s Chief Medical Officer has a Strong Response to Gov Newsom

There has been a public back and forth last week between Disney leadership and the state of California. By the end of the week it seemed that the two parties were engaging one another – not just talking past each other – and would be providing a joint announcement of reopening soon. Those dreams came to an abrupt end midweek, as we reported earlier, Governor Gavin Newsom said that the state is in no rush to release reopening guidance and that they were going to be stubborn about it.

This was a strong statement that seemed to shut the debate down, at least for the day. Well, because of this entire public episode, no one should ever assume the news is done for the day.

Only a couple hours later we received a strong statement from Disney’s Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Pamela Hymel, who would like to set the record straight:

“We absolutely reject the suggestion that reopening the Disneyland Resort is incompatible with a “health-first” approach. The fact is, that since March we have taken a robust science-based approach to reusability reopening our parks and resorts across the globe. Our health and safety protocols were developed in consultation with epidemiologists and data scientists, and after considering guidance from the Centers for Disease Control and experts in local government and health agencies. All of our other theme parks both in the United States and around the world have been allowed to open on the strength of our proven ability to operate with responsible health and safety protocol.”

Dr. Pamela Hymel, Chief Medical Officer, Disney Parks, Experiences, and Products
Via Disney Parks News

Every one of these statements, leaks to reporters, and social media posts, are done by both sides to try and push the other’s hand. Disney is very good at these kids of negotiations. Over the past two decades Bob Iger used these tactics when he did the unthinkable and convinced large entertainment companies to allow Disney to buy them, businesses like: Pixar, Lucas Films, Marvel, 20th Century Fox, etc.

So expect a few more moves in the near future. Remember that going quiet is also an effective negotiating tool. Stick with the DisInsider while we follow and report on every new development or setback.

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