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Hailee Steinfeld Officially Back Onboard ‘Hawkeye’ as Filming Begins

After months of confusion and speculation, we now know that Hailee Steinfeld is back onboard Marvel Studios’ Hawkeye series, as Kate Bishop.

Earlier today, Murphy’s Multiverse shared exclusive videos and images from the Hawkeye set, which is now filming in New York. The video shows star Jeremy Renner and Steinfeld running down the subway stairs as a train pulls into the station. The pair is accompanied by a dog, which is assumed to be Lucky the Pizza Dog from the comics featuring the duo.

New videos from social media have quickly began surfacing after Murphy’s Multiverses’ initial video.

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Not much is known on the series at this time but reports earlier this year revealed that Clint’s brother Barney Barton aka Trickshot and the New York crime organization Tracksuit Mafia would make appearances. There are previous reports stating that villain Madame Masque will be a supporting character, as well as Echo. A new report earlier this week dropped revealing Florence Pugh will be reprising her Black Widow role as Yelena Belova for the series, but is considered a rumor at this time.

Renner is set to return as Clint Barton as he trains a new bow wielder – Kate Bishop who ends up taking the Hawkeye mantle. Mad Men scribe Jonathan Igla will be writing and executive producing the series. Rhys Thomas (Saturday Night Live) as well as directing duo Bert and Bertie (Troop Zero) will be directing multiple episodes.

The series is expected in 2022.

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