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Disney To Possibly Merge Disney+ and Hulu

As of December 2020, streaming services Disney+ and Hulu remain two separate entities. However, that may all change in the near future.

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According to Collider, The Walt Disney Company is considering merging the two popular streaming services into one single service. This idea has been floating around for a while now, with people speculating that this was certain to happen at some point in the future. However, there hasn’t been much to back this theory until now, as Collider reports that they are hearing multiple Hulu executives departing from the company ahead of the merger.

A merge would be an excellent choice, particularly from a business perspective. Disney would be able to have one primary service with high subscription numbers that would appeal to both children and adults. Like most aspects of the company, Disney+ has been marketed primarily to families, whereas Hulu appeals more to adult viewers. Merging the two services would take care of this divide, allowing for all viewers to turn to a single service for all of their content.

At this point, it is unknown how exactly this merger would play out and how Hulu would be integrated into Disney+, as is rumored.

Disney+ has been out for a little over a year now, with subscription numbers surpassing 73.7 million in that first year, which is far more than the company expected. Expect more details on upcoming plans for Disney+ and Hulu during the next Investor Day which will take place on December 10 at 4:30 PM ET/ 1:30 PM PT. The event can be viewed here and is expected to last for approximately 4 hours.

Source: Collider

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