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Hong Kong Disneyland To Reopen This Week

While the Covid-19 pandemic saw the closure of every Disney theme park and resort worldwide, Hong Kong Disneyland has the unique distinction of being closed, reopened, closed a second time, reopened a second time, closed a third time, and, just today it was announced that on February 19th the park will reopen for the third time.

The Walt Disney Company shares ownership of the park with the Hong Kong government and the decisions to close and reopen are tied to the government lockdowns.

Practically every major country has seen a steady decline in new cases, hospitilzations, and deaths related to Covid-19 for the past month, and Hong Kong is no exception. On Tuesday, local health officials reported only eight new covid-19 cases and the next day it was announced that Hong Kong Disneyland could reopen.

Like Walt Disney World, there will be capacity limitations in place to keep the crowd levels down. The park will operate only five days a week initially. The park has a long list of restrictions and safety guidelines that they will be implementing, many of them coming from their success in Walt Disney World, where they were able to remain open but avoid any outbreaks stemming from their parks.

After Hong Kong Disneyland reopens, the final two reamining parks to reopen would be Disneyland Paris in France and the one that started them all, the original, Walt’s park, Disneyland Resort in Anaheim California.

If the numbers continue to improve in terms of new cases, test positivity rates, hospitalizations, and deaths, and the access and availability of vaccines continue to grow, and people continue to wear masks, practice social distancing, wash their hands, and avoid large indoor groups, then we will be on the other side of this pandemic soon and the parks will be able start to truly come alive again.

Keep checking here at TheDisInsider.com for all of the details reagarding the reopening of the Disney Parks.

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