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WandaVision Songwriters Conditioned Us For “– All Along” Over Seven Episodes

**Spoiler Warning: WandaVision Episode 7**

You’ve been warned.

In the surprise final minutes of episode 7 of Marvel’s WandaVision on Disney+ we were treated to a wonderfully catchy one minute song from the brilliant song writing duo Kristen Anderson-Lopez and Robert Lopez. Both have extensive resumes, but are probably best known for their work on the Frozen films and Coco’s Academy Award winning original song “Remember Me.”

Robert Lopez and Kristen Anderson-Lopez.

The song they wrote for WandaVision episode 7, to help reveal the late season twist, is called “Agatha All Along” and features Kathryn Hahn, Eric Bradley, Greg Whipple, Jasper Randall, and Gerald White on vocals. Hahn, of course, is the actress who plays Agnes, now revealed to be Agatha Harkness.

The song has been released on all major music streaming platforms, including iTunes and Spotify.

If you have been watching, and more importantly listening, to the first six episodes of WandaVision you were more likely to tap your foot along to the new Agatha song than someone who jumped into the series on episode 7. Like all great music composers, Kristen and Robert had been secretly training our ears for this moment in each of the previous episodes. While this scoring technique is common over the course of a film or throughout a live musical, it is not something usually thought of in a television series.

Lucky for us, the YouTube account ArtsyOmni broke down the previous episodes’ music to identify the motif, or short musical phrase, that was woven throughout the entire series and culminated in this satisfying, revealing, and undeniably catchy song. The video does a fantastic job of showing the Wanda motif (really, it is a leitmotif, popularized by Wagner in the 1850s), in a way that even music novices would be able to understand. Half of the song-writing duo, Kristen Anderson-Lopez, tweeted this video to her followers, giving it her stamp of approval.

Check the video out here:

We knew something special was planned for the music when it was revealed that Kristen and Robert were on board for the WandaVision project, but we had no idea it would be this good. 

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