Some Stars From The Original ‘The Mighty Ducks’ Will Appear In The Disney+ Sequel Series

We’re still about a week away from the premiere of The Mighty Ducks: Game Changers; however, now it appears that fans of the original films have yet another reason to be excited for the sequel series.

According to Entertainment Weekly, episode 6 of the show will include a reunion of several cast members from the original trilogy. Returning cast members include Elden Henson, Matt Doherty, Vinny La Russo, Marguerite Moreau, Garret Henson, and Justin Wong. They will all appear as Fulton, Averman, Adam Banks, Connie, Guy, and Kenny Wu respectively.

Still from THE MIGHTY DUCKS: GAME CHANGERS – “Episode Number 6” – (Courtesy of EW/ABC/Liane Hentscher)

In an interview with EW, series creator Steven Brill elaborated on the context of the reunion. He said, “It starts with a fun encounter Coach Bombay (Emilio Estevez’s character) has with Fulton — they have an interesting run-in on the street reminiscent of ways they used to meet each other back in the early days.” The chance meeting snowballs into a, “bigger story,” that later ends up bringing more of the old players into the picture.

Now, don’t expect all good to come from the reunion though, as in the same interview it’s revealed that the older ducks aren’t necessarily happy with the current roster. In a separate interview the show’s star Emilio Estevez revealed that there is some initial tension between him and his older players after they discover that the new iteration of the Ducks are much more competitive and antagonistic than they used to be. This creates an interesting dilemma for the characters, including Estevez’s Bombay, who becomes “re-inspired” to recreate the classic dynamic.

In regards to the reunion itself, Elden Henson (who, aside from appearing in the original trilogy also appeared in Netflix & Marvel’s Daredevil) told EW that, “it was pure joy.” Depending on how well the show does, he, Estevez, and even Brill hope to have more in the future; perhaps, even with some former cast members who have gone on to become A-listers including Joshua Jackson and Kenan Thompson.

The Mighty Ducks: Game Changers premieres next Friday, March 26th exclusively on Disney+.

Source: Entertainment Weekly

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