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Rumor: Pixar Looking to Cast a Transgender Actress for Role in Upcoming Film

A flyer began circulating online today that seems to reveal some exclusive casting news out of Pixar Animation Studios.

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In this flyer, which Trans March on Twitter claims to be officially sent from the casting director, details are listed which describe a 14-year old transgender character named Jess. Casting directors are looking for 12-17 year-old transgender girls to audition for the role. This is still a rumor at this point, but the full flyer in question can be viewed below.

Property of Pixar; Courtesy of Trans March

As is evident from the listing, no information on which Pixar film is given. Some are speculating that it is for Turning Red, the 2022 film that was officially announced at December’s Investor Day. However, that has not been confirmed and this could potentially be for any films, shorts, or shows the studio has in development.

Regardless, this is a major step forward for Pixar. Though an openly gay character was featured in their recent SparkShorts short Out, this will be the first openly transgender character to come from the studio.

For those that are interested and meet the qualifications, the flyer encourages their legal guardian to e-mail