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The Walt Disney Company’s Board Of Directors Adds Two

On the heels of the announcement that it would be restructuring and expanding its Digital Media & Entertainment Distribution team earlier this week, it appears that yet another major corporate decision has been made at Disney.

Thursday, The Walt Disney Company appointed veteran entrepreneurs Amy Chang and Calvin McDonald to its Board of Directors. This expanded the number of board members from 10 to 12.

Chang, who formerly worked at Google and now is an executive at Cisco is a legend in Silicon Valley. McDonald, on the other hand, is currently the CEO of Lululemon Athletica Inc. Between Chang’s tech experience and McDonald’s trade experience, it’s plain to see as to why current Executive Chairman of the Board Bob Iger views them as valuable assets.

In a public statement, Iger said, “Amy Chang and Calvin McDonald are highly respected leaders with a deep understanding of the nexus between technology and the consumer experience, and we are excited to have them join the Disney board.”

While their new positions at Disney won’t interefre with any of their existing roles or responsibiltiies at their current respective companies, their board membership is active effective immediately.

Source: Bloomberg

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