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Disneyland Resort Increases Capacity Dramatically At Both Parks Starting July 1st

Disney has been a bit quiet when it comes to specific details about capacity increases in the parks since the pandemic reopening began last summer at Walt Disney World and last spring in Disneyland. They would occasionally announce numbers, but they usually felt like general goals rather specific targets. To follow the capacity changes we have been closely monitoring the park reservation availability to track any changes. In doing so we noticed something very interesting, it looks like Disneyland will be increasing capacity greatly starting July 1st.

When Disneyland reopened back on April 30th, 2021, the park was allowed to have 25% capacity. It became very clear that the park had set their maximum capacity far below this number. With many sources telling me that the opening week was set to 10% internally and increased around 3% a week since then. We visited the park in the first week of the reopening and the last day of the first month and there was a huge difference in crowd levels.

While we do not know the exact changes in capacity starting July 1st it is clear from the park reservation availability that the available tickets starting July 1st jumps dramatically. Notice in the images below how June is completely sold out of both Single Park and Park Hopper tickets for all of June, then suddenly on July 1st, Park Hopper tickets are available starting in both parks for every day of July, with Single Park tickets mostly available for every day and every park.

Another thing to note is that Disney’s oldest and most popular hotel, the Disneyland Hotel, will reopen on July 2nd. It makes sense that Disney would increase park capacity at the same time one of their biggest hotels reopens. Why would guests come visit the Disneyland Hotel if there is no space for them in the parks.

Disneyland Hotel at the Disneyland Resort in Anaheim California

Starting June 15th, Disneyland will be allowed to alter and expand a number of their covid-19 related protocols as the state of California drops nearly all of their mandates. It is unlikely that Disneyland will suddenly flip a switch and remove all mandates within their parks overnight, however, it should trigger a slow and steady set of changes over the following weeks and months starting with capacity increases and loading every row of every ride vehicle.

Keep checking back with The DisInsider as we will be tracking all of the changes at every one of Disney’s Parks within the US and around the world.

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  • Austin June 9, 2021

    I just checked the reservation system and they must have just increased capacity today for June after the 15th because June dates that you were showing gone see available again.

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