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The Mandalorian: Moff Gideon Gives An Update

August 4, 2021John Bishop

Giancarlo Esposito says filming for Season 3 of The Mandalorian will soon begin….

Need a little good news from the Star Wars universe? Maybe something that doesn’t necessitate your selling your car or opening up a second mortgage? Me too.

Straight from the mouth of Moff Gideon, Giancarlo Esposito says expect filming on Season 3 of The Mandalorian to begin soon.

Giancarlo Esposito Dishes Deets

A local news outlet in North Carolina, WRAL.com, caught up with the actor at “GalaxyCon.” There, reporters asked the veteran actor about the new season and what might we see from the Moff.

Giancarlo, who was holding a stuffed “Baby Yoda” told the camera:

You’re going to see me kill this baby! [maniacal laugh]”

Giancarlo Esposito, Moff Gideon
Giancarlo Esposito and friend. Image: WRAL.com.

“It’s totally wrong,” said “Moff Gideon” to some obviously shocked faces. “But I gotta hold out, somewhere, that I’m gonna win.”

However, smiling the whole time and showing a lot of class while talking to a grade-school reporter, he reiterated that everything around the show is “is kept under wraps.”

Giancarlo Esposito, Moff Gideon
Image: Lucasfilm

Moreover, in a pretty wide-ranging talk he told WRAL he expected to be back to work on The Mandalorian soon.

“They just finished shooting Boba Fett,” said Esposito. “Soon they will start on Season 3 of Mandalorian.”

On or “off” the helmet?

As far as Pedro Pascal is concerned, Esposito, who is also famous for his work on Breaking Bad, wasn’t sure about his co-star’s schedule.

The Mandalorian, Star Wars
Image: Disney+

“I don’t know what Pedro is up to,” explained Giancarlo, who added, “We never have to wait on Pedro.”

To that notion, Esposito mimed Din Djarin putting on his helmet. And, at the same time, when asked if we might see more of Pascal’s face in Season 3, the actor demurred.

Giancarlo Esposito, Moff Gideon
Image: WRAL.com

“I can’t speak to that,” he said, apologetically. “I know he’d love to be more ‘off the helmet’ but his job is to be in the helmet.

“That’s the deal, but I am sure that he has worked out something with his other show [The Last of Us for HBO] and come back to us.”

“I wish I could tell you more,” said the actor, smiling. “You ain’t gonna get no more dirt from me.”

Except, in the next breath, he answered the final question, who is the most famous person on your phone.

“Samuel L. Jackson.”

Samuel L. Jackson, Mace Windu, Star Wars
Image: Lucasfilm

As the reporter from WRAL said, mic drop.

Check out the Instagram video below, and see the full video and the WRAL article here.

John Bishop

A graduate of Boston U. and Northeastern University, John Bishop, became the beat reporter for BostonBruins.com before the Boston Bruins 2006-07 NHL hockey season. While with the Black & Gold, “^BISH” traveled North America and Europe to cover the team's every move via laptop, blog, and smartphone. The co-author of two books, "Bygone Boston" and "Full 60 to History: The Inside Story of the 2011 Stanley Cup Champion Boston Bruins," John also covered the XXI Olympic Winter Games in Vancouver in 2010 and the Bs 2011 Stanley Cup championship run and banner raising before taking a faculty/communications position at a prep school outside Boston in 2013. He lives with his wife Andrea, and sons Jack, Scott, and Luke, in central Massachusetts.


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    The Mandalorian: Moff Gideon Gives An Update

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