Is the New Avengers Base Revealed in ‘Eternals’?


Eternals came out this weekend and may have given us more info than we think. In the latest episode of The DisInsider Show, Skyler and Nick talk about their thoughts about the movie when Nick reveals a possible Easter egg he caught in recent comics from Eternals: Celestia #1. The comic book was released in October of this year starring Ajak and Makkari (both whom appear in the new Eternals Movie) finding out their new reason for existence and in search of answers from their cosmic creators: The Celestials.

For those who have seen the movie, you will remember that the Eternals stopped “The Emergence” from happening, in which a new Celestial named Tiamut is born from the energy and destruction from the Earth. As Ikaris tries to stop Sersi from halting the Celestials birth, he is smitten with love and allows the Matter Transmuting Eternal continue her attempt to stop Tiamut from emerging. Ultimately, Sersi is successful in stopping the celestial from emerging by freezing it in place, just barely visible from the Earth’s surface. Some might even say it looks like a MOUNTAIN emerging from the Earth.

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Fans of the comic book series will remember that one of the more recent home bases the Avengers occupy is called “Avengers Mountain” and is actually just a dead celestial they set up shop inside. In Eternals: Celestia #1, this ruffles some feathers, but do these two Marvel products hint at an Eternals Easter egg? In the Marvel Cinematic Universe, the Avengers Compound was destroyed by Thanos. One of the many results in The Avengers: End Game, this leaves the team without a base and without a leader considering both Iron Man and Captain America say their farewells. This brings us to the possibility that Avengers Mountain might be their new home, and with a new spot to be filled, who better to do it than the new Black Panther (Who also happens to help establish Avengers Mountain as the new Hub).

I should mention that the Avengers Mountain in the Marvel Comic books is actually inside a dead celestial named Progenitor, and Tiamut is actually a “dreaming” Celestial. But I still think this could be a hint at the Avengers’ new home now that we’re bringing the Multiverse into play with the MCU’s phase 4. The Cinematic Universe definitely has it’s own story to tell, so anything is possible. The only thing we can do is keep a lookout of what’s to come.

Marvel Studios’ Eternals is in theaters now, and make sure you stay seated for two post credit scenes.

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