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Video Game News: Watch New ‘Star Wars Eclipse’ Cinematic Trailer

Now in development, the official Star Wars YouTube account features the new “Official Cinematic Reveal Trailer”

This is breaking news and I am not sure we were supposed to see it tonight. Or at least we weren’t supposed to see it so early.

However, check out the new trailer for Star Wars Eclipse – the upcoming game from Quantic Dream.

More reporting on the matter was a little bit easier as I found my footing, thanks to Mollie Damon.

And then another favorite Star Wars friend added:

Anyway, serves me right for trying to have a life. The cat food could’ve waited!

But yes, explained:


With a heart-pounding drumbeat, Lucasfilm Games and Quantic Dream, the award-winning video game studio and publisher, unveiled Star Wars Eclipse with a world premiere cinematic reveal trailer at The Game Awards 2021… As the first video game to be set in the era of The High Republic, the multimedia initiative that launched with publishing earlier this year, Star Wars Eclipse will feature an original story and unique new characters, each with their own paths, abilities, and roles to play in the tapestry of events that could alter the carefully balanced peace in an uncharted section of the Outer Rim.

Meanwhile, the always-on target Jordan Maison said “I told you so” (’cause he did):

And, of course, Mollie and Alex Damon have a reaction video tee’d up.

I’ll add that here whenever it hits….

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