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Marvel Selects A New Sorcerer Supreme…

In case you missed it, earlier this year Doctor Strange was murdered…in the comics, that is.

In Jed MacKay‘s new, limited The Death of Doctor Strange series, the Sorcerer Supreme finally meets his demise. In a seriously (and fittingly) strange series of events, however, several of his closest associates team up with a past version of him to find the killer.

Even after the killer is found, Strange cannot be brought back. This means a new Sorcerer Supreme must step up. Who better than his own partner?

Today, Marvel made the official announcement that Clea, the mistress of the Dark Dimension, will become the new Sorceress Supreme.

Readers will follow Clea on a journey as she reportedly tries to do the impossible and try and revive the Doctor. However, when a mysterious group appears and threatens to destroy Earth, she’ll have no choice but to rise to her new duties as the realm’s protector.

Teasing the series in a press release, MacKay said “It’s been really exciting to open up a new chapter in the world of Doctor (Clea) Strange, to get some new adventures going and some new weirdies on the table, and I can’t wait for folks to come along with us!”

Similar to Captain Carter, Clea’s inaugural series will hit comic book stands this March!

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