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Pinewood Studios Set Ablaze as Snow White Forest Fuels Fire

Disney’s live-action Snow White film production suffers significant setback…

Disney continues to suffer through a tough start to 2022.

Today, on top of Disney stock remaining below $140, and with Bob Chapek contending with the fallout from a poor political choice (and statement), one of the Disney Studios’ biggest projects suffered a major setback.

Fire at Pinewood Studios

The UK’s Daily Mail posted:

Several chapters of the Star Wars saga saw their genesis at Pinewood Studios.

National Lottery draws were postponed this evening after a fire tore through Pinewood Studios.

Witnesses reported hearing explosions and cast members on the set of new Snow White live action movie had to rush for safety as the blaze took hold. 

Images show the inferno rampaging through the set, which appears to include a thatched cottage, as well as lights and other equipment.

A Legendary Location

Pinewood Studios remains legendary as the home of so many film franchises and blockbusters (including James Bond 007, Star Wars, and the Marvel Cinematic Universe).

PinewoodGroup.com explained:

The star-studded live-action Snow White was filming at Pinewood Studios.

For over 85 years, Pinewood Studios have made dreams a reality, enabling storytellers to bring their creations to life on the big and small screen.

Renowned across the globe for excellence in its field, Pinewood offers the creative industries a unique complement of world class facilities, services and expertise.

UK based Pinewood and Shepperton Studios comprise 40 Stages, including the 59,000 sq ft 007 Stage…

There are only rumors as to the fires start, and there’s been no notice of causalites.

Of course, this remains a developing story, so keep it here on TheDisInsider.com for updates from the UK.

However, for now, be sure to check out the original story and photo gallery.

Screen shot of Daily Mail photo gallery.

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