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New Casting News For Percy Jackson Series

It’s not Grover and Annabeth, but it’s a reason to keep refreshing…

Not yet.

We don’t yet know who will play Grover or Annabeth in the upcoming Percy Jackson series on Disney+.

But a new story from That Hashtag Show gives us some insight into the casting process for the upcoming Disney+ series.


Jessica Lancaster posted:

Rick Riordan

[T]he series is continuing its search for additional characters to fill out the PJO universe. The most recent casting call reveals that the series is now looking to cast Clarisse La Rue and Nancy Bobofit. These roles are interesting because both characters initially start as bullies to Percy and his friends (though Clarisse eventually becomes an ally, rather than a rival).

What is cool about this update is that Becky Riordan reacted to the post.

“Fun article,” said Ms. Riordan. “I got stumped on Nancy Bobofit being the teacher’s pet and then was like oh yeah, Mrs. Dodds is a teacher isn’t she?

“That explains everything.”


Of course, just a few days ago, Becky tweeted:

“Those of you wishing for casting news please don’t despair,” said Becky. “Not this week but soon. Rick met with the producers and publicity yesterday afternoon. While we are close, we still have lots of plans to finalize before we can make announcements.”

So, we have a semi-reaction from @camphalfblood on Twitter, preceded by an official “but soon” regarding other casting news.

Did That Hashtag Show provide the “soon” sooner than later?

Maybe. Probably. They’re good reporters.

But Rick usually breaks (or confirms) his own news. And Riordan hasn’t updated the blog since April 16.

More to come?

Meanwhile, earlier today, Ms. Riordan tweeted:

“It has been busy today trading texts with Rick,” he said. “He is keeping me up to date on what is going on there in Vancouver.

“Photos are being taking this afternoon after lunch.”

Trading texts about what? Taking pictures of what?

Keep it here, Percy Jackson fans. Keep. It. Here.

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