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Percy Jackson Series: Rick Riordan’s First Full Week of Work at the Studio

The author says, “[O]ur young trio of heroes has coalesced into a team…”

Last week, Rick Riordan dropped details on the all-important casting of Grover and Annabeth, and yesterday the author turned executive producer indicated calm seas as work on Disney’s Percy Jackson Series got underway.

“Unless you work in the industry, you would not believe how many people it takes to create a television show,” wrote Riordan on Mothers’ Day. “Several times a day, we will be sitting in a board room with twenty folks, with half a dozen more joining on Zoom, just to figure out how to film a five-minute sequence in one episode.”

A Clear Message

Riordan remains clear in his messaging to fans, many of whom didn’t like the original film adaptations of Rick’s books.

The message: This production is working hard to get it right.

“I am there for ‘big picture’ stuff: How should it feel? How was it done in the books? How are the characters reacting? That kind of stuff,” explained Riordan.

The best selling author added:


I am delighted to hear about the overwhelmingly positive response to the casting announcements. It is well-founded! Rest assured, these actors are 100% my choices, my decisions, and I could not be happier with how things are going. If you have any doubts, wait until you see them act in the show. You’ll quickly see why I chose them, and why I am so confident!

Rick Riordan,

Hard At Work

Meanwhile, the most crucial passage from the post indicated Walker Scobell, Leah Jeffries, and Aryan Simhadri are already hard at work, on-and-off the set.


“You also wouldn’t believe how quickly our young trio of heroes has coalesced into a team,” added Riordan. “They are doing high-flying stunts, learning their swordplay, fine-tuning their knowledge of Greek mythology and their characters — all while going to school on site at the studios!”

Finally, Becky Riordan delivered an important note to Riordan’s many fans (and defenders):

Certainly reacting to some of the adverse social media reactions to the various casting decisions, Becky tweeted, “Rick’s books open people’s minds…Our TV show can do the same.

“Yelling at haters will get us [nowhere]. Do not give their hate fires oxygen.”

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