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Disney+ Reveals Their Ad-Supported Plans

Ads will run every hour, for a total of four, and will not include the promotion of alcohol or any political messaging.

In anticipation of Disney’s Upfront event today, ad-supported tier plans for Disney+ were unveiled before the event occurs. According to sources close to Variety, Disney is planning to launch a lower-cost, ad-supported pricing tier for their streaming service, which is what Netflix is currently contemplating doing, after refusing to implement it a couple of years ago.

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According to Variety, Disney+ will not allow ads that relate to alcohol sales or any political advertising in any way. Moreover, they will not be advertising content from rival studios and/or streaming services, in order to prevent consumers to be attracted to the content offered by these studios. They will also be cautious in running advertisements alongside shows destined to be viewed by pre-school audiences, and will not run any ads if the user highlights that a young child is watching something on the streaming service.

Additionally, Disney+’s ads will run on an average of four minutes per hour or less, which is fewer than what Peacock is doing (5 minutes of ads per hour), and will compete against HBO Max who has the same ad-supported plan as Disney’s, minus letting users prevent their children from being exposed to any form of publicity. This plan is also much more flexible than Hulu’s ad-supported tier, which ran at least nine to twelve commercials per hour.

More will be unveiled at Disney’s Upfront presentation, which is currently ongoing.

Source: Variety

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