An Update On 20th Century’s Planned ‘Alien’ TV Series

It’s been nearly two years since the announcement of 20th Century’s Alien series. And with the highly anticipated Predator prequel coming out this Friday, it’s only natural that fans would want to know what’s going on with the character’s Xenomorph nemesis.

Now, according to FX CEO John Landgraf, the series is still happening. He made that clear during this year’s Television Critics Association Summer press tour – which is currently underway. Landgraf also added that the show’s writer Noah Hawley has turned in all of his scripts too.

According to a tweet from Decider’s Alex Zalben, Landgraf also revealed that there are plans for the series to finally begin shooting next year. However, it’s unclear exactly what the official timeline is.

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As previously reported, the only other thing known about the series is that it will take place within the already establish Alien universe. Unlike every other entry though, this particular story will take place somewhere the franchise has never gone before: Earth!

Although it’s planned for the small screen, it’s easy to see that the studio is slowly setting up another Alien v. Predator project down the line. With all the positive buzz surrounding Prey this week, there’s no way the studio isn’t thinking about ways to bring the two together again.

SOURCE: Decider

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