‘Star Wars: Visions’ Volume 2 is Expanding Past Anime

Last year saw the release of Star Wars: Visions, which was Lucasfilm’s first time diving into the world of anime. The collection of shorts was created by 7 Japanese animation studios. Well, volume 2 will expand past the anime style of animation.

While speaking with Deadline, Visions executive producer James Waugh explained what is expected to come in the new collections of animated shorts:

“There’s so many interesting voices in all sorts of other mediums that are really focused on animation right now. And we really wanted it to be, in a way, a “sub-brand” that allowed for different creators to come celebrate Star Wars from their own unique cultural perspective. And so Visions volume two is sort of a global tour of some of the most interesting animation studios on a global level. We have studios from Africa, Chile, England, Ireland, France, India… and the guiding light there was that we wanted their storytelling to be a reflection of what Star Wars meant in their culture, but also a reflection of the myths and stories that could only come out of their cultural context. Spring next year is currently where we’re targeting and I think it’s an absolutely beautiful anthology.”


Star Wars: Visions volume 1 is a collection of animated short films presented “through the lens of the world’s best anime creators” that offers a new, diverse perspective on Star Wars. Created outside of the constraints of the franchise’s traditional canon, the films provide creative freedom to each director and production studio, while maintaining fidelity to the themes and emotional identity of the Star Wars saga.

Volume 2 is expected to debut on Disney+ in 2023.

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