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RUMOR: ‘Daredevil: Born Again’ To Explore Popular ‘Mayor Fisk’ Storyline

Since it was officially announced at this year’s San Diego Comic-Con, there’s been quite a lot of buzz building around the upcoming “reboot” Daredevil: Born Again. With the character having a prominent role in the final two episodes of She-Hulk: Attorney at Law fans are clamoring for more.

While the series isn’t slated to premiere on Disney+ until 2024, and production has yet to begin, one scooper has come forward to give the fans what they want – or at least a huge tidbit to hold them over until more details surface in the coming months.

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According to industry insider Daniel RPK, the Daredevil series is still in the preliminary production phase. More specifically, it’s still in the casting phase. But RPK notes that the show isn’t just casting extras. The series is specifically casting for a campaign team. And that campaign team will work under Vincent D’Onofrio’s Wilson Fisk because the show is aiming to explore the popular ‘Mayor Fisk’ storyline from the comics!

As the name implies, the comic book arc follows Kingpin’s rise to power as the Mayor of New York City. When he becomes Mayor, however, he declares Daredevil public enemy number one. With all of the city’s police force either hunting him or guarding Kingpin, Matt Murdock is outnumbered…but not outsmarted.

In the comics, Fisk’s rise to power occurs as a result of Daredevil being out of town for an extended period of time. Could Murdock’s stay in California set the stage for the same outcome in the MCU? We’ll just have to see.

It goes without saying that because this info has not been confirmed by Marvel or any major trades – and because it’s still so early in production that this idea could potentially be scrapped – we urge you to take this info with a grain of salt.

Regardless of what happens, we can’t wait to see the character return in Echo next year.

What Daredevil storylines would you like to see play out in the MCU? Sound off below!


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