‘She-Hulk’ Almost Featured The Return Of Edward Norton’s Hulk

She-Hulk: Attorney At Law poked fun at the fact that Mark Ruffalo had replaced Edward Norton as The Incredible Hulk. If you recall, Norton played the role in 2008. It was Norton’s Hulk that took on Tim Roth’s Abomination.

It was in episode two that the character cracked a joke about the actors’ “literal” replacement. But it turns out that wasn’t the only reference to the recasting the series was supposed to have.

In an exclusive interview with The Direct, She-Hulk’s director Kat Coiro revealed that the show almost went a step further into nostalgia by bringing the back the Academy Award-nominee back for a cameo.

“There was a lot of talk about the fact that the last time they were together a different actor was playing the Hulk,” Coiro said. “And Mark [Ruffalo] made quite a few jokes about that. And we did entertain the idea of swapping Mark out for Edward Norton.”

Clearly, it didn’t make it out of the idea pool. Given the crazy things that happened in the finale, such as She-Hulk storming her own shows writers room, talking to Marvel Studios’ head K.E.V.I.N, and then changing the plot ending. However, if Norton had popped back it would’ve been a trip down memory lane.

The fact that Coiro and company didn’t bring the actor back doesn’t mean that the idea has been entirely ruled out. If they still want to do it, they’ll do it because at Marvel anything is possible.

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Source: The Direct

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