RUMOR: Marvel Planning ‘WandaVision’ Spin-Off & Sequel Series Titled ‘Vision Quest’

It’s been nearly two years since Marvel fans said farewell to the Vision for a second time in WandaVision. Although the original is no longer officially with us, we all saw how he imprinted a version of himself on the identical white synthezoid made to destroy him by S.W.O.R.D.

That version of the character, dubbed White Vision, has been M.I.A and existing in the backdrop of the MCU ever since. And although it’s remained unclear where or when he might pop up next, one new rumor making the rounds seems to suggest he’ll be popping again real soon.

According to industry insider Jeff Sneider, Marvel is apparently in the very early stages of planning a solo spin-off for the new iteration of the character fittingly titled Vision Quest. He made the announcement during the latest episode of the podcast The Hot Mic with co-host and fellow journalist Jon Rocha.

More specifically, Sneider said that he has heard Marvel will be opening a writers’ room for the project, which is believed to be a show, next week.

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As always, because this info has not been officially confirmed by Marvel or any of the major trades, we urge you to take it with a grain of salt.

For those who may not know, there’s actually a comic book storyline revolving around the synthezoid version of the character also titled “Vision Quest.” It revolves around him during his time as a West Coast Avenger and sees him being kidnapped with his memories erased. Seeing as how he just got his old memories transferred to him, if true and if the series comes to fruition, we’re willing to bet the series would revolve around the opposite with the character coming to terms with his past and adjusting to his new body.

Regardless of wherever White Vision shows up next, we’re just excited to hear that Marvel still has plans for the character. The question is, what does he do when he finds out Wanda might be dead?

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SOURCE: Jeff Sneider via The Hot Mic

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