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RUMOR: Ultron Possibly Returning In Upcoming Live Action Projects

According to a new report from highly reputable The Cosmic Circus, we may have learned that Marvel Studios is not done with Ultron in live action form.

From their sources, Age of Ultron was not the last we’ll hear from Ultron and his attempts at taking over the 616 Marvel Universe as it’s now a possibility we can see him again in two upcoming projects; Armor Wars or Vision Quest.

Both would make sense to lay the ground work for him to return, as Armor Wars was bumped up to a theatrical film because of bigger ideas and most likely budget. Where it was rumored to be a case of Stark tech getting into the wrong hands.

In Vision Quest, we’ll most likely see Vision trying to regain his memory and the humanity he gained since his birth in Age of Ultron. Ultron can possibly factor into Vision and his retrieval of memories. Now with Ultron being described as “dormant” as their source said, someone or something can wake the Ultron program back up .

It’s unclear from the report if James Spader will return in the voice role or What If’s Ultron voice actor, Ross Marquand, would continue in the capacity.

The last time we saw Ultron on screen was the epic animation take in the What If? series on Disney Plus, and live action was the assumed destruction in 2015’s Age of Ultron. However, there always is a way for A.I. to come back and rue the day!

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