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First Look Of The World Of Frozen Under Construction At Hong Kong Disneyland

Back in 2013 we were first introduced to the amazingly beautiful and chilly world of Frozen, now soon for the visitors to the Honk Kong Disneyland you will be lucky enough to fulfill your dreams and step into the Frozen kingdom of Arendelle. The new land will show its many homes, tiny shops and facades, and in the distance all around the town you’ll see the looming snow-topped mountains. Opening in the second half of 2023 the first Frozen-themed land boasts that its the largest expansion to come to the park, so the park will have many marvel’s to view.

Two new attraction will be arriving within the land, firstly Frozen Ever After which will take guests on an adventurous journey through the Arendelle kingdom. during your go around you’ll get to see an animatronic Elsa create a fantastic “winter-in-summer” day.

Secondly is a Frozen-themed family-friendly rollercoaster called Wandering Oaken’s Sliding Sleighs which is rumoured to be unique as its the first-of-its-kind. The coaster will start at a visit to Oakens infamous snow covered hut. Then, Sven and Olaf help pull your sleigh to the top of the lift before sending you on your way and then the attraction will take guests on a twisting and turning journey through Arendelle and its mountains.

This year marks the Walt Disney Company’s 100th birthday, the Imagineer Michel Den Dulk, Executive Creative Director for Walt Disney Imagineering said “I cant help but feel pride in being an imagineer, bringing so many cherished stories that’ve become an integral part of people’s lives, such as “Frozen,” to life.

The project team working on the World of Frozen has taken the story of Frozen to the next level with such careful but intricate detail. Courtesy of the drone footage as it was flown over the ongoing construction you can see that the completely Frozen-themed land is a recreation of the Arendelle kingdom, sitting just behind Disneyland Hong Kong is the picturesque Lantau Mountain which makes for a beautiful backdrop addition. The Imagineers have created iconic Arendelle landmarks which guests of any age will immediately recognise.

Work on the town of Arendelle is almost finished, such as the central clock tower. Elsa’s palace of ice sits on top of the great north mountain and when you step into it it’ll be like your stepping into the movie itself, the Imagineers have outdone themselves with their innovation and storytelling realisation.

Tell us if your looking forward to visiting the new Frozen-themed land, be sure to dress warm, the cold may not bother Elsa but you might feel a chill.

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