Disney+ ‘Descendants’ Spinoff ‘The Pocketwatch’ Finds Its Maleficent, Aladdin, Jasmine, and More

Disney+ is gearing up to start production on The Pocketwatch, the newest movie in the now-popular Descendants franchise. Today, the studio rounded out its cast with some new additions playing some familiar Disney roles.

According to Deadline, That 90s Show‘s Sam Morelos, Anthony Pyatt (When I’m With You), Peder Lindell (Out Of My Hands), Mars (Heather), Tristan Padil (The Lake Merritt Monster), Kabir Bery (Squatting), Grace Narducci (Law & Order: SVU) and newcomer Aiza Azaar join previously announced cast Kylie Cantrall, Rita Ora, Malia Baker, Brandy, Jeremy Swift, and Leonardo Nam in the sequel written by Dan Frey and Russell Sommer (Magic: The Gathering).

Pyatt portrays Hades. The fiery bad boy is cheeky with a dark side. Lindell plays Morgie. The son of Morgana le Fay, Morgie is one of Uliana’s adoring sycophants.  Mars is Maleficent. This teen version of the iconic character, delighted by her own evil ideas, is a core member of Uliana’s Villain Kids Clique. Morelos plays Zellie, the teen daughter of Rapunzel with a hipster vibe and fast-growing hair. Padil plays Teen Prince Charming, who enjoys zooming down the school hall on a longboard. Bery portrays Teenage Aladdin, who is inseparable from his girlfriend, Jasmine (Azaar). Naducci plays Fay aka Teenage Fairy Godmother, who is comical in her struggles with develping her magical ability. Azaar’s Teen Jasmine is inseparable from her boyfriend, Aladdin: “Call us Jaladdin!”

The expansive new story finds polar opposites Red (Cantrell) and Chloe (Baker) crossing paths at a momentous celebration in Auradon when unexpected chaos breaks out. In order to prevent an impending coup, they must join forces to travel back in time, via a magical pocket watch created by the Mad Hatter’s son (Nam), to stop an event that would lead to grave consequences.

Jennifer Phang directs The Pocketwatch from a screenplay by Dan Frey and Russell Sommer. Produced by Disney Branded Television, the film will be a spin-off of the Descendants franchise. A release date has yet to be announced.

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