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UPDATE: The Reason For Victoria Alonso’s Termination Revealed

This just in: According to The Hollywood Reporter, Victoria Alonso was let go from Marvel Studios for breach of contract.

More specifically, Alonso was terminated as a result of her involvement in the Academy Award-nominated film Argentina, 1985.

Multiple sources close to the site allege that Alonso breached an agreement from 2018 that forbid her from working with competing studios. Argentina, 1985 was distributed by Amazon.

This contradicts previous rumors that allege the powerhouse producer was let go because of complaints filed by the Studio’s VFX workers.

Alonso reportedly did not ask for permission to work on the project, and received several warnings throughout the film’s production. She notably attended the Oscars representing the film mere days before being terminated.

A representative for Alonso declined to provide comment for this story. Marvel Studios also had no comment.


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