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Symbiote Shenanigans – Everything You Need to Know About the Summer of Symbiotes

2023 is a very special year in the Marvel calendar. Earth’s Mightiest Heroes celebrate their 60th anniversary and the Fantastic Four will hit 700 issues! But perhaps you’re looking for something a bit more deadly and with a little more carnage? Then look no further than the Summer of Symbiotes!

To celebrate the 35th anniversary of Venom, Marvel Comics has a whole host of crossovers, limited series, and special events lined up. Some very special guests took to the stage at Chicago Comic and Entertainment Expo last weekend to give us the full rundown on what we can expect from Symbiote stars over the summer. Here’s everything you need to know.

  • Cult of Carnage: Misery #1
  • Cult of Carnage: Misery #2, by Sabir Pirzada and Francesco Mortarino. Cover by Skan. On sale 21st June.

Cult of Carnage: Misery

There’s a new miniseries heading our way, and it’s going to get crazy! There’s a couple of new Symbiotes in town, and they’re going to cause all kinds of havoc.

In Cult of Carnage: Misery #1, Liz Allen is unaware of her son’s new and deadly alter ego – Red Goblin. When Liz’s once father-in-law (some guy by the name of Norman Osborn) gets caught up in Red Goblin’s chaos, she takes it upon herself to save the day. With all of the ALCHEMAX resources at her disposal, she soon becomes something which could shake up the Marvel Universe.

However, in the second issue of the miniseries, Liz realises that all of The Life Foundation Symbiotes, Toxin and others have been stolen. She needs to act fast before they fall into the wrong hands and unleash all kinds of chaos in the world.

Cult of Carnage: Misery #3 sees a new symbiotic creation called Madness enter the game. Madness is a mixture of all the Life Foundation Symbiotes – as well as a few others- and contains all of their powers and personalities. But Madness isn’t the only newcomer, as the symbiotic monstrosity inadvertently forces Liz to bond with a new symbiote – Misery.

The stories of the final two issues are still being kept top secret. But what we do know is that the cover of issue #4 will feature Madness in all of his glory.

  • Venom #22
  • Venom #23

Venom #22 and #23

There’s a new kind of Venom in town, and he’s a little out of time. Eddie Brock’s consciousness has been time-displaced, and we’ve already seen him take to the far future. But issue #22 will show us what happens when he tries to take his symbiote show to the past. When Venom goes head to head with the mysterious FLEXO of the past, he learns a shocking secret about how the symbiotes have influenced all of Marvel History.

Then, in Venom #23, we get a new version of one of Marvel’s most deadly symbiotes. Carnage’s progeny Toxin is on the loose and he’s more terrifying than ever. But there’s a new member of the symbiote family, and Marvel promises that no one is prepared for what comes next.

  • Red Goblin #6
  • Death of the Venomverse #1
  • Edge of the Venomverse Unlimited Infinity Comic #1

New Stories

Red Goblin #6

Normie Osborn has been fighting with the symbiote Rascal to keep control. But in the new story arc ‘Nature vs Nurture’, Normie might soon see that the ticking time bomb he’s bonded with can’t be contained forever.

Web of Carnage

All hail Carnage! Well, almost. This new series shows the aftermath of Carnage Reigns, as the sadistic symbiote seeks out the title of the King in Black. After taking vengeance on Miles Morales, there’s very little left to stop him from getting that throne. And the first in his way is Morlun.

Death of the Venomverse

What more could you want from your summer than a multiversal, Carnage fuelled romp to kill all forms of Venom? The Summer of Symbiotes comes to an end in this 5 part limited series bringing all the Venom and Carnage you could ever need.

Edge of Venomverse Unlimited Infinity Comic

The Venomverse isn’t only taking over our pages this summer, but we’ll also see something special in the Unlimited Infinity comics. A new series will be starting in a whole new world for Venom. Catch this intriguing story of a family clinging to hope, with art from a whole host of talent.

Red Goblin #5 – Carnage Reigns part 4, by Alex Paknadel and Jan Bazaldua. Cover by Inhyuk Lee. On sale 7th June.

So Many Symbiotes!

Venom is a huge part of the Marvel Universe, and his influence stretches far and wide. So it’s only fitting that these symbiote celebrations will have such a tremendous effect on our favourite characters. With new characters, blood-drenched battles and incredible new stories, symbiote fans will definitely need to prepare for what’s in store this summer.

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