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An ‘Art of Bluey’ Book Is In The Works Featuring New & Never-Before-Seen Concepts

Bluey is the Disney’s short animated series that has been hailed by critics, kids, and parents alike for its simple yet endearing approach to life.

While it’s only in its third season, the series has cranked out more than 150 episodes. And there’s no sign of its popularity slowing down any time soon.

Despite all the ideas and themes it has explored to date, in a recent interview with The Hollywood Reporter, creator Joe Brumm revealed that there are numerous other concepts that have not executed because they may have been deemed too controversial.

He goes on to say that one episode where he wanted to mention Jesus walking on water. The line wasn’t insulting or condescending; still Disney and BBC shot it down. Brumm didn’t seem bothered by that kind of censorship though. In fact, in the interview he revealed that there’s a whole book in the works featuring many of the things that he couldn’t get approved before.

He shared the news after being asked if he kept a file on his computer on all the things he never got to do on the show. He said, “Yeah. We’re doing an Art of Bluey book, and I thought it might be [fun to do] a little chapter on all of the changes and the things that couldn’t get through. So, the other day I wrote them all down and had a good laugh going through them all again.”

Sadly, Brumm did not reveal any other details about the book. Considering how slow it takes for a season of Bluey to end, we wouldn’t bet on it coming out anytime soon.

In the meantime you can stream the series on a loop on Disney+ until it does.


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