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Disney Shuffles Release Dates For Many Of Its Upcoming Films

It’s just been reported by Variety that Disney has announced the release dates for several projects. As well as a major reshuffling of their upcoming MCU and Avatar films. They also announced a release date for the upcoming live action Moana remake.

All of the new dates can be seen below.

Deadpool 3: May 3, 2024

Captain America: Brave New World: July 26, 2024

Thunderbolts: Dec. 20, 2024

Blade: Feb. 14, 2025

Fantastic Four: May 2, 2025

Moana: June 27, 2025

Avatar 3: Dec. 19, 2025

Avengers: Kang Dynasty: May 1, 2026

Untitled Star Wars film: May 22, 2026

Untitled Star Wars film: Dec. 18, 2026

Untitled Star Wars film: Dec. 17, 2027

Avatar 4: Dec. 21, 2029

Avatar 5: Dec. 19, 2031

The announcement isn’t that surprising when you consider the fact that the WGA Strike is still ongoing. Also in the case of Avatar, James Cameron has made it very clear already that he will not release these films until he feels they are ready. Still, though it can be disappointing to have to wait longer for these films hopefully the extra time will lead to the best experience possible for each one of them.

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