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Black Panther Is The Latest Marvel Hero Getting A Video Game

Wakanda Forever!!!

With so many other stories and characters to explore in the MCU it’s unclear when exactly we’ll see the Black Panther return; however, that is not stopping Marvel from keeping the character’s momentum going.

Early Monday morning it was revealed that Electronic Arts (EA) is partnering with Marvel Games to develop a brand new game centered around the popular superhero. While currently untitled, the studio said that one of its smaller publishers named Cliffhanger Games would be leading the charge.

Cliffhanger Games is currently led by designed Kevin Stephens, who has worked on games in the Halo, God of War, and Call of Duty franchises.

In a statement, Stephens revealed that he was excited to create a “definitive and authentic Black Panther experience” for fans that would honor Wakanda culture while letting users explore the world as much as they want to.

Make no mistake, this is not the same game announced during D23. That one was Skydance’s joint Captain America/Black Panther project set during WWII. There have been no updates on the project so far. This one would revolve solely around the Black Panther mantle, regardless of who dons it in the game.

Now, this will be the second game EA has in the works at Marvel. The first is a previously announced single-player Iron Man game. The third has yet to be announced. No other details about this project’s development or release were unveiled, but be sure to follow The DisInsider for any future updates!

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