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Walt Disney World Announces Major Change Amid ‘Haunted Mansion’ Movie

Walt Disney World’s Haunted Mansion attraction is finally getting its 1000th newest ghoul with the release of the new Haunted Mansion movie.

In a recent statement by the Walt Disney World Resort, fans were assured that the infamous Hatbox Ghost – who currently only resides within Disneyland Park in California – will finally materialize at the Magic Kingdom this August:

“Temporary barriers” will soon become Walt Disney World’s beloved ghoulish delight, clearing space for the Hatbox Ghost in the attraction’s endless hallway scene.

Unlike the Disneyland Resort in Anaheim, the Magic Kingdom’s Haunted Mansion pulls a complete trick move by placing “Hatty” in the endless hallway.

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With the storyline of Madame Leota calling in the spirits to “materialize,” it seems that the Hatbox Ghost, as he’ll be appearing before Leota, is defying those rules and making his own entrance.

Guests visiting the Orlando, Florida vacation destination will want to mark August 7-9th on their calendar, as that’s when the Haunted Mansion will be down for temporary refurbishment.

On August 10th, visitors of the happy haunts will meet a familiar face at a beloved attraction.

More About the Hatbox Ghost

The Hatbox Ghost is an iconic figure in the history of Disneyland, known for its enigmatic and ghostly presence. Originally designed to be a part of Disneyland’s Haunted Mansion attraction when it opened in 1969, the Hatbox Ghost mysteriously disappeared from the ride shortly after its debut. The character was intended to be a ghost holding a hatbox, with a unique illusion that allowed his head to vanish from his shoulders and reappear inside the hatbox.

However, due to technical challenges and lighting issues, the effect failed to impress visitors, and the Hatbox Ghost was quickly removed. Over the years, the legend and fascination surrounding the Hatbox Ghost grew, turning it into a beloved urban legend of Disneyland. Finally, in 2015, after nearly five decades of absence, the Hatbox Ghost returned triumphantly to the Haunted Mansion, delighting fans and becoming a beloved part of the attraction’s spooky lore.

D23 originally announced that the beloved Hatbox Ghost would be joining the other 999 happy haunts in Florida, and 10 months later we’ve finally received an official date for the character’s arrival.

More About the Walt Disney World Resort

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