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Marvel Comics: News Round-Up, August

With summer coming to an end, we’ll need some good reading material for getting cosy during the spooky season and beyond. So, let’s check out all the August comic book news that Marvel brought us, so we can start making those reading lists!

Special and Variant Covers

  • Captain Marvel #1
  • Captain Marvel #1
  • Captain Marvel #1
  • Captain Marvel #1
  • Captain Marvel #1
  • Captain Marvel #1
  • Captain Marvel #1
  • Captain Marvel #1
  • Captain Marvel #1

Higher! Further! Faster!

Earth’s Mightiest Hero is currently taking on some cosmic threats in her five-part limited series, Dark Tempest. But never fear, as Carol Danvers will return next month with her new solo outing. Brought to us by Alyssa Wong and Marvel Stormbreaker Jan Bazaldua. Not only will we see Carol enter a new era, but she’ll also be getting a whole new look, with a costume designed by Jen Bartel. Marvel announced a series of variant covers, including a special foil variant! Captain Marvel #1 will be released on 25th October.

  • Deadpool
  • Marvel Avengers #6
  • Captain Marvel #1
  • Wolverine #38

Everyone Hero Needs a Sidekick!

Bucky Barnes. Robin. War Machine. These are some of the most beloved sidekicks in comic history. And to add to that list, Marvel recently introduced Spider-Boy, the long-lost sidekick of our friendly neighbourhood Spider-Man. Readers loved him so much, in fact, that he’ll be getting his very own ongoing series this November. But what if more of our favourite heroes had secret sidekicks? No one can be a hero on their own, and to celebrate the role of sidekick, Marvel’s New Champions variant covers will feature incredible new designs of some super-secret heroic proteges. Be sure to pick up these incredible variant covers throughout October.

  • Marvel X-Men Red #16

A New Celebration

To celebrate Hispanic and Latin American Heritage Month, Marvel Comics will shine a spotlight on some of their most beloved Latin and Latinx heroes. Their Comunidades Variant Covers will be drawn by artist Ernanda Souza, and they’ll adorn the pages of some of October’s hottest titles. But wait, there’s more! Not only will we get some incredible variant covers, but a whole host of talented Latin and Latinx creators bring some of our favourite characters to the page with special bonus stories. We’ll see some of our favourite superheroes, as well as being introduced to some new and shining stars. Check out the details of all the stories here and be sure to check back for more of the variant covers soon!

  • Marvel Alpha Flight #5
  • Marvel Incredible Hulk #7

Your Worst Nightmares… But With Style!

Peach Momoko has quickly become a huge name in comics. Not only are her stories an incredible new take on classic heroes, but her art is a beautiful new direction that has hints of a classic style. And after her incredible Demon Days Saga, we know that she has an incredible skill for reinventing our favourite Marvel characters. This December, we’ll see Momoko dive into some of the darker corners of the Marvel universe in the new Nightmare Variant Covers. Her amazing art will adorn the covers of titles such as Captain Marvel, Blade, Miles Morales: Spider-Man and more. Take a look now at the first seven covers that have been revealed, and be sure to check out the full list of titles in the Nightmare Variant range.

  • Marvel Black Panther #5
  • Captain Marvel #1

For the Love of Zombies

Zombies are one of those classic monsters that will always appear in a lot of our media. And this year is no exception. Coming in October, a four-issue limited series will see an undead plague sweeping across the Marvel Universe in Marvel Zombies: Black, White & Blood. The series will feature stories from some incredible talent in the comic book world. But that’s not all! Marvel’s Stormbreaker class of 2023 will also be getting in on the zombie action this October with the incredible line of Stormbreakers Variant Covers. Taking over 8 titles this October will be some incredible covers from the newest Marvel talents, that will show us our favourite characters after they fall victim to the zombie hoard.

  • Predator vs. Wolverine #1

The Greatest Battle

It isn’t very often that two of the most iconic characters come head to head. But when it does happen, the results are bound to be incredible. So let’s get ready for the next big clash of the Titans in Predator vs. Wolverine. Starting on 20th September, this four-issue limited series will show us the greatest untold story of Wolverine’s history will finally come to light. To celebrate this historic event, check out the range of variant covers for issue #1.

  • Marvel Spider-Boy #1

Other Variants

Variant Covers are all part of the fun when collecting comics. You can appreciate your favourite artist, or get a look at a new artist we’ve never seen before. Here are some of the variant covers we can expect to see in the coming months.

Starting strong with Spider-Boy #1, the newest hit sensation for the Marvel Universe. Check out the variant covers by David Aja and John Tyler Christopher, on sale on 1st November.

Next up, we have a symbiotic classic, as the new ongoing Carnage series begins. Taking place after Death of the Venomverse, check out these special variant for issue #1, including a foil variant to really make the symbiote shine!

Carnage and Captain Marvel aren’t the only ones who will be getting a special foil cover, as Sensational She-Hulk #1 will be dazzling us all this October. Follow the stunning Jennifer Walters on her new adventures in her upcoming ongoing series.

While this October will see some incredible new beginnings, there’s also an untimely end to come. Moon Knight #28-#30 will see the countdown to the end of Jed MacKay and Alessandro Cappuccio’s Death of Moon Knight storyline. To mark this sombre moment, Inhyuk Lee has created a series of three variant covers to mark the final days. Check out the Last Days of Moon Knight Variant Covers, available from October.

Limited Series, Specials & One-Shots

  • Marvel Capwolf & The Howling Commandos #1, by Stephanie Phillips and Carlos Magno. Cover by Ryan Brown. On sale 11th October.

Terrifying Tales

A long time ago, in the early 90s, Captain America met with a terrifying fate and became Capwolf. And now, just in time for the Halloween season, the lupine form of the First Avenger is back in this four-part limited series. This brand new story will tell the tale of an early mission in World War II, in which Capwolf fight alongside Nick Fury and the Howling Commandos to take down a band of Nazi cultists. Capwolf & The Howling Commandos #1 is on sale on 11th October.

We’ve had zombies and we’ve had werewolves, so it’s only right we’d get some vampire action as well! The What If? series has brought us some incredible and bizarre stories over the years, and it’s back with What If…? Dark. This November, we’ll get to see a twisted reimagining in What If…? Dark: Tomb of Dracula #1. This special one-shot asks the question; What if Dracula turned Blade into a vampire? Brought to us by the iconic Marv Wolfman, check out this fascinating tale on 8th November.

Back in Black

D.G. Chichester’s run of Daredevil had some incredible stories and important moments in the character’s history. And now, this legendary writer is returning to Hell’s Kitchen for a four-issue limited series. Starting on 22nd November, Daredevil: Black Armor will show us a new chapter from Chichester’s iconic run.

Visions of a Galaxy

If you’re looking for more Peach Momoko in your life, then get ready for her latest take on a galaxy far, far away. Check out this gripping and twisted tale all about embracing the power of the Dark Side. Follow a cult that has grown around a Sith Lord who died centuries ago, and one Sith who believes she holds mighty power, even if all is not as it seems. Check out this stunning work from a true visionary in this one shot. Star Wars: Visions – Peach Momoko #1 is on sale on 15th November.

  • Wolverine #41 - Part 1 of Sabretooth War, by Benjamin Percy, Victor Lavalle, Cory Smith and Geoff Shaw. Cover by Leinil Francis Yu. On sale 10th January.
  • Wolverine #42 - Part 2 of Sabretooth War, by Benjamin Percy, Victor Lavalle and Cory Smith. Cover by Leinil Francis Yu. On sale 31st January.

The Ultimate Showdown

Predator isn’t the only foe Wolverine will be fighting this year. Sabretooth War is an epic storyline that will be coming to Benjamin Percy’s current run of Wolverine. Starting with issue #41 and ending in the landmark issue #50, Wolverine will go head-to-head with his greatest foe. With the fall of Krakoa, Sabretooth rises. Be sure to catch the bloody battles, starting 10th January 2024.

  • Marvel Thanos #1
  • Marvel Thanos #1 Homage variant cover by Phil Noto.

The Legends Return

Starting this November, Thanos is back and bigger than ever. This four-issue limited series will see him return to Earth to take on his biggest conquest yet. But there are still some who will stand in his way, as Mr Fantastic, Doctor Strange and Iron Man reunite to form the new Illuminati. Joining them are Emma Frost and Blue Marvel, but will this be enough to stop the wrath of Thanos? Be sure to pick up the first issue, on sale 8th November.

Thanos isn’t the only big name coming back to the page this year, as The Sentry returns in their own four-part limited series. Bob Reynolds may not be around, but the power of The Sentry can never die. As people all over the world start to exhibit his powers and experience his memories, someone must rise to the colossal title. Starting on 6th December, be sure to check out this new era for a monumental character.

  • Marvel Alien #1
  • Marvel Spider-Woman #1
  • Marvel G.O.D.S #1
  • Marvel G.O.D.S #2
  • Marvel G.O.D.S #3
  • Marvel G.O.D.S #4

New Ongoing Series

The current run of Alien takes us on a deeper dive into the mythos of the Xenomorph. But while we’re diving deep into their history, an all-new ongoing series will take us to the darker corners of all things Xenomorph. Starting 15th November, the creators behind the current run, Declan Shalvey and Andrea Broccardo, will show us all new depths to the Alien lore.

Jessica Drew is back! And this time, it’s personal. Spider-Woman is tasked with taking down some of her most relentless foes, but there’s something that’s really made her angry, and even her friends are concerned. Follow Spider-Woman as she tries to figure out this mystery, and comes face-to-face with a whole new type of evil.

There are some new G.O.D.S in town, and we finally have some more information. Marvel has been hinting at this exciting new era of their comics universe for quite some time, and it’s almost here. As the conflict between the Powers-That-Be and the Natural-Order-Of-Things comes to a head, what will this mean for the Marvel universe? The very foundations of creation and reality are about to come to light, and it will all play out in this exciting new chapter for Marvel. Gwt more information on the new series here, and check out G.O.D.S, issue #1 this October.

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