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‘Wish’ Producer Juan Pablo Reyes Answers Questions, Discusses The Film’s Disney Easter Eggs At Special Viewing Event In México

“There is no greater power in the universe than someone with a true wish in their hearts”.

Last month, México got the chance to receive, in a special event, the Mexican-born producer of WISH, Juan Pablo Reyes. Our very own Arturo Tovar got to attend. Not only did he show attendees a 30 minute unfinished preview of the movie (two songs included, composed by Julia Michaels, the studios youngest composer ever), but he also answered some questions about how the movie came to be. Most notably he spoke about why the film such an important part of the company’s 100 year anniversary.

Directed by Chris Buck and Fawn Veerasunthorn, WISH takes place in the fictitious island of Rosas, where dream can literally and magically come true. Asha, a little dreamer, whose biggest wish is to become the apprentice of King Magnifico, a powerful wizard who is also the “Keeper of Dreams”, but becomes dissapointed to learn that he rarely makes them come true, because he believes them to be dangerous. After such hard realization, she wishes, with all her heart, such a powerful wish about saving her island and the people, that the universe answers her by sending a little star called… well, yes, “Star”, to show her, that when courage and a little bit of magic get together, wonderful things can happen.

During this special chat, Juan Pablo told us, from how he became part of Disney, took part as producer of films such as “Raya..” and “Encanto”, and now being part of the one hundred year celebration: “People are gonna tell you ‘NO’ a thousand times, but is that desire that keeps me alive, and also I’m very stubborn, that kept me working hard, also, my family and partner kept pushing me so I could achieve it, which at times seemed impossible, you know, being from Guadalajara and having studied Industrial Engineering, I couldn’t feel any further from Disney Animation, but the heart will guide you, and everything is achievable”.

“From the beggining we planned a movie that felt real, all characters share this desire about wishes. We also achieved a natural and diverse world, where everyone could feel represented, cause Rosas is such a magical place in medieval times”.

One of the thigs Arturo says he noticed, which then was addressed by Juan Pablo, is that the movie has “hidden” (some not so much) references to other Disney movies such as Sleeping Beauty, Frozen or Robin Hood (she has “SEVEN” best friends with very different and specific traits) which a very Disney DNA and really boosts up the celebration.

“One of the best things of this movie is joy. Watching a movie like this awakens it along with hope, making you realize there are no limits to what you can achieve. I think people will go out of theaters thinking “I can do it” despite dreadful days, because wishes are worthy and we have to fight for them” Reyes added.

WISH comes to theaters on November 22, 2023 with the voices of Oscar® winner Arianna DeBose as Asha, Chris Pine as King Magnifico and Alan Tudyk as Valentino, Asha’s favorite goat.

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