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Spookiest Marvel Comics to Read on Halloween

The spookiest night of the year is here, and what better way to celebrate than with some ghoulish comics! With ancient entities, monstrous menaces, and bloodthirsty baddies, Marvel has plenty of characters to sink your teeth into. Well, if you’re looking for a few new or old characters to settle down with this Halloween, then look no further! Brought to you by myself and Ángel Pérez, check out some spooky comics to keep you company. 

Marvel Werewolf by Night

Werewolf by Night

Sarah Taylor 

A new character on the screen, but one who has been around for many years in the comics, Werewolf by Night stole our hearts (along with his bestie, Man-Thing). Jack Russell is the tormented lycanthrope, plagued by a family curse that will turn him into a werewolf. He’s an incredibly powerful character who, when he goes into full wolf form, has taken on some of the biggest baddies. And throughout his years in the comics, he’s teamed up with and come up against some of the biggest names. From Moon Knight’s first appearance in Werewolf by Night #32 (1975) to taking on Deadpool (and stealing his girl), you’ll definitely be able to find a fun story to get you through Halloween. To get a full history of Jack Russell, check out our character profile here!

Check out: Marvel Spotlight #2-#4 (1972), Werewolf by Night #32-33 (1975), Legion of Monsters (2011), Dead of Night ft. Werewolf by Night (2009), Werewolf by Night: New Wolf Rising (2020).

Marvel Knull


Ángel Pérez J

A fearsome entity as old as the universe itself, Knull Is truly one of the most dangerous beings that have ever plagued the Marvel Universe.

First appearing unnamed in Thor: God of Thunder Vol.1 #6 and fully in Venom Vol.4 #3, Knull was introduced as an entity that came into being before the creation of the current Marvel Universe in “The Great Void”. Once the universe was born and populated with life by the Celestials, Knull slayed a Celestial and created the terrible weapon All-Black the Necrosword and the Symbiote race out of his own blood.

Knull was indirectly responsible for the rise of Gorr the God-Butcher and was eventually betrayed by his own creations and sealed for aeons. However, he was awakened in the modern day by the maniacal Carnage and resumed his quest to blacken all creation. It was only through the efforts of Earth heroes and a cosmically empowered Venom that Knull was defeated for good.

If you are afraid of the dark then you SHOULD fear Knull, not because he hides in the dark… but because he IS the dark.

Check Out: King in Black (2020) Venom #3-4 (2018), Silver Surfer: Black (2019), Guardians of the Galaxy #23 (2013), Thor: God of Thunder #6 (2012)


Sarah Taylor 

What more could you want than a cosmic entity that embodies death itself? While her human form is questionable at times (how does a skeleton have breasts?), Mistress Death is one of the most powerful and formidable foes of the Marvel Universe. But while some would like to see her as a villain, she is part of the cosmic balance; all things must come to an end, and Death is there to make sure it happens. That’s not to say she hasn’t tried her hand at tipping the balance in her favour, and she’s brought about mass death throughout the universe more than once (hello infinity gauntlet!).

Death has been around since the birth of the universe, and in that time she had made many foes. But many have also fallen in love with her. Most notable to court Death is the mad titan Thanos. And while she generally turns away all suitors, she does fall for a certain Canadian mercenary. This means there’s a whole load of fun moments between Deadpool and Death. 

Like other cosmic entities in the Marvel universe, Death isn’t around the whole time, but when she does show up, you can be sure it’ll be one hell of a ride!

Check out: Thanos Rising (2013), Thanos (2016), Doctor Strange, Sorcerer Supreme #44 (1988) Marvel Superhero Contest of Champions (1982), Deadpool #35 (1997). 


Ángel Pérez J

Despite not being known to most fans, few entities have left the same legacy as Chthon. 

One of the Earth’s Elder Gods and the first demon, Chthon first appeared in Avengers #186 (May 1979) and is the source of black magic as well as most monsters in the Marvel Universe. This dark being is also the one responsible for the creation of the Darkhold, a book of pure evil that will corrupt anyone who reads it, no matter how noble. 

But above all else, Chthon’s most notorious legacy is the creation of the Scarlet Witch. Having imbued Wanda Maximoff with pure Chaos Magic at a young age to use her as a vessel.

If it’s wicked, you can thank Chthon for it.

Check out: Avengers #186 (1979), Doctor Strange, Sorcerer Supreme #90 (1996), The Mighty Avengers #21-23 (2009), Darkhold: Alpha (2021), and Darkhold: Oega (2022).


Sarah Taylor 

Few names strike fear in the hearts of heroes quite like Mephisto. He is the ruler of the fiery nether realm, and his favourite thing is the souls of the damned. While he isn’t quite the Devil (even though he LOVES to pretend he is!), he’s just as tricky and cunning. His main goal in life is to enslave human souls, but he’ll take some superhumans and extra-terrestrials as well. Over the years, many a Marvel hero has sought out Mephisto and made a deal with him, but the almighty trickster cannot be trusted. He never works to help others or save the world unless there’s something in it for him. There’s not enough space to list everything Mephisto has gotten up to over the years, but just know that if he shows up, there’s bound to be some problems along the way. 

Check out: Silver Surfer #3 (1968), Mephisto: Speak of the Devil (2020), The Infinity Gauntlet (1991), Damnation (Storyline, 2018), Mephisto vs. … (1980s) 

Shuma Gorath

Ángel Pérez J

Very few creatures can incite fear in the hearts of heroes the way the terrible Shuma-Gorath does.

First appearing in Marvel Premiere #10 (September 1973), created by writer Steve Englehart and artist Frank Brunner. Shuma-Gorath is an Eldritch God and one of the greatest mystical threats the Marvel universe has ever faced, with the one-eyed tentacle monster having conquered countless dimensions and devouring all their sources of magic.

Much like Galactus, Shuma-Gorath is on such a level he can’t really be defeated and instead has to be repelled until he inevitably comes back. That is one thing that makes Shuma-Gorath so terrifying, knowing that sooner or later this monstrosity will attack again.

Check out: Marvel Premiere #3-10 (1973), Dr Strange: Strange Tales, The Thanos Imperative (2010).

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