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Square Enix Releases Brand New Trailer for ‘Kingdom Hearts: Missing Link’

On April of 2022 KINGDOM HEARTS, Disney’s unique crossover series developed by Square Enix, celebrated its 20th anniversary and unveiled the existence of two upcoming titles, Kingdom Hearts IV and Kingdom Hearts: Missing Link.

Announced alongside Kingdom Hearts IV, Kingdom Hearts: Missing Link is an upcoming game for iOS and Android devices set between Kingdom Hearts: Union Cross and the first Kingdom Hearts with its gameplay working in similar fashion to NINTENDO’s Pokémon Go. However, following its reveal SQUARE ENIX remained remarkably quiet with details about the game despite having stated an open beta would be available.

This changed on October 24 of 2023, when the Japanese SQUARE ENIX site updated the release window for Missing Link, after that the global Union Cross Twitter page changed its name to “Missing Link” further hinting at new information, which was confirmed when the official Kingdom Hearts’ YouTube channel updated one of their playlists with a hidden video. Coming morning of October 30, 2023 SQUARE ENIX unveiled a new teaser trailer for Missing Link showing revamped models and expanded gameplay and story segments.

Multiple gameplay details were revealed within the new trailer, such as the ability to upgrade and transform Keyblades similar to Union Cross, how combat will involve the collecting of special character trophies to perform special attacks and magic skills, not unlike Pokémon GO’s exploration to capture new Pokémon, as well as new Heartless enemies.

Kingdom Hearts: Missing Link will now be released on 2024 and SQUARE ENIX has announced that a new open beta will take place beginning now until November 19, 2023.

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