The Rocketeer


J.D. Dillard No Longer Attached to Star Wars Movie and Disney’s ‘Rocketeer’ Sequel

After seeing 2016’s Sleight, I knew director J.D. Dillard would have a great career behind the camera. Soon enough, Dillard.

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The Rocketeer Returns… to Comics

The latest flight of Cliff Secord and crew is the real McCoy So sue me. I am a Rocketeer fan,.

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Disney The Walt Disney Company

The Return of the Rocketeer: “Don’t mind if I do…”

‘Finheads’ rejoice! The ‘hood ornament’ returns with a killer concept, crew, and David Oyelowo! Hey, bean! Raise your hand if.

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Disney Live-Action

‘Sleight’ Director Wants To Make A Sequel/Reboot To ‘The Rocketeer’

Disney’s The Rocketeer has a garnered quite a cult following over the last 29 years, and the studio has been trying.

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