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J.D. Dillard No Longer Attached to Star Wars Movie and Disney’s ‘Rocketeer’ Sequel

After seeing 2016’s Sleight, I knew director J.D. Dillard would have a great career behind the camera. Soon enough, Dillard was revealed to be developing a new Star Wars movie and a sequel to The Rocketeer.

While speaking with The Wrap for his newest movie Devotion, starring Jonathan Majors and Glen Powell, Dillard revealed he is no longer attached to both Disney projects.

When asked about Star Wars, Dillard told the trade his project is “unfortunately no longer a thing.” When asked about The Rocketeer sequel, The Return of the Rocketeer, Dillard said “I am not on that movie. But, you know, it’s tricky. I love, love, love ‘The Rocketeer.’ What I have a slightly hard time wrapping my head around now is going back to pre-1970 aviation. You know, I’m not saying never. But I think I need a breather from period aviation.”

He is referencing his new movie Devotion, which retells the comradeship between naval officers Jesse Brown (Majors) and Tom Hudner (Powell), who became the U.S. Navy’s most celebrated wingmen during the Korean War. The film hits theaters on November 23, 2022.

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