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Screenwriter Max Landis Talks About His Shelved SPACE MOUNTAIN Project.

One of the most successful franchises of all-time is Disney’s Pirates of the Caribbean movies. The movies have grossed a combined $4.5 billion worldwide. So it makes sense Disney would venture into other movies based on Popular Disney attractions, however they don’t all workout 2003’s Haunted Mansion and 2015’s Tomorrowland for example.

What people may not know is that Space Mountain one of Disney’s most popular and iconic ride had a screenplay done by Max Landis (Chronicle). Sadly Landis script never got off the ground, but Landis remains open to talking about the script he sold to Disney in 2012 and he did so on Screen Junkies show Milleniual Falcon Weekly with host Jenny Nicholson.

Landis spoke about what his Space Mountain movie was about.

“My Space Mountain movie was cool. It was a ’50s retro future movie. They had rocket ships and ray guns but no cell phones and internet.“

Landis also shared what the ships would be like.

“Another cool thing was the idea that when you come back from light speed, you’re 9 and a half grams lighter but you seem normal. Then slowly over the course of a day, it turns out that the human soul can’t travel at light speed. So whole ships come back with people with no souls who seem normal but then turn into horrible monsters — no wonder this movie didn’t get made.”

Landis also took to Twitter to show us never before seen concept art on the rocket ships design.

Landis is staying busy, he recently wrote the upcoming Will Smith/David Ayer film Bright hitting Netflix December 22, 2017. As well as written a treatment for the An American Werewolf In London remake.

Disney has Jungle Cruise in development with Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson starring, and a long in development Haunted Mansion reboot with Ryan Gosling/Guillermo Del Toro. So here’s hoping those films are financial and critical successes and maybe one day we will see Landis’ Space Mountain.

You can check out the full interview here:

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