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21st Century Fox Having Talks To Sell Most Of The Company Movie Assests And More To Disney!

Huge news coming out of CNBC today that 21st Century Fox is having discussions to sell its movie, tv, and other assests to Disney! There have reports over the last years that Fox was looking to sell but nothing came of it until today.

What does this mean for movie fans? Should the deal be made Disney would ultimately acquire the film rights to Avatar, X-Men, Deadpool, The Predator, Alien, Kingsman, and Planet of The Apes just to name a few. So the reality of Disney adding the X-Men and Fantastic Four is much more possible now, but that’s still not a for sure thing.

Disney would also obtain the Fox’s tv division which includes National Geographic, FX, FXX, amongst many others that Fox owns. The deal, as reported by CNBC, would leave Fox with the Fox Broadcasting Co. network and the Fox Sports and Fox News operations.

There is a strong possibility this deal doesn’t happen. Stay tuned for more to come!

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