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UPDATED: ‘Loki’ Series Officially A Go For Disney+

Today, Disney announced it’s streaming service will be called DISNEY PLUS. Along with the announcement, they also confirmed multiple series that are being release for the service, Marvel’s ‘Loki’ to be one of them. Speculations have risen for a ‘Loki’ solo series, but now we have a solid announcement that it is officially a go!

UPDATE: Tom Hiddleston took to Twitter to confirm the return of Loki in a limited series from Disney Plus! We seems just as excited as we are!

The solo series will see Tom Hiddleston returning as the God of Mischief and is scheduled to be a limited series. As for the other Marvel shows, Disney has declined to offer any other information regarding those. There is speculation that some of the shows WILL move over to Disney Plus. No word as of yet.

Let us know if you’re excited! Other shows are starting to get announced as well, so make sure you stick around here for all of the coverage.

Disney Plus will release Fall 2019.

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