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Why Disney should adapt the Percy Jackson series for Disney+

Yes, sir, Disney owns the film rights to Rick Riordan’s Percy Jackson series. And have for a while now actually.

By this writers knowledge there’s no clear date of which Disney acquired the rights to the Percy Jackson franchise; though it must have been after the release of the box office failure Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters. Now most fans will be quick to agree, the Percy Jackson movies were lost in translation in adaptation. Now the questions is, why did Disney acquire the rights to the series as a whole? As well as taking on distributing rights for all of Rick Riordan’s content. Simple, the mouse sees potential, and so does this writer.

Now, earlier last year Disney announced their streaming service Disney+ and they made the announcement that they would produce high budget quality content for their streaming service. With the likes of The Mandorlian, Loki and Scarlet Witch, Winter Soldier and Falcon series, there will be no shortage of high budget original content being put onto the service. So where does Percy Jackson fit into all this?

Well, in this writers opinion Disney has two options for the series. One; to create a live-action original series that would grab the hearts of families and teens alike with a mildly high budget and a diverse cast. Two; create an animated series with amazing voice actors and as opposed to budgetary constraints, put out something in the vein of Tangled: The Series or Big Hero Six: The Series. Whether Disney will air their original series with all episodes releasing at once similar to Netflix, or weekly such as Hulu or DC Universe is as of now an unknown factor.

There is untapped potential with the Percy Jackson series, that needs to be realized, and Disney has the magic and creative minds to make this beloved series a reality. What do you think of a Percy Jackson series? Should it be made into a live-action Riverdale style series, or maybe favor the animated element in the essence of the classic Disney animated series of old? Or maybe even an original movie released on Disney+, and can be the franchise that never was?

Let us know your feedback and input on this beloved young adult series.


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  • Bo Perrins July 26, 2019

    It definitely should be live action!! The reputation of the series is on the line, it deserves a proper remake!!

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