EXCLUSIVE: Secret Society of Second Born Royals Coming to Disney+

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The Disney+ streaming service will be adding another series to its platform titled: Secret Society of Second Born Royals.

The sci-fi fantasy series will be of a 15- year-old girl who is second in line to the throne currently occupied by her mother. She finds out that the summer school she is attending turns out to be a training camp for second born royals with superpowers.

Producers Austin Winsberg of Gossip Girl and Gulfstream Picture’s Mike Karz (The Nut Job), will have the series directed by The Bold Type’s Anna Mastro, and written by Alex Litvak (Predators) and Andrew Green (Hannah Montana). The series has a handful of creatively different members working together, so the show has the potential to end up being very interesting.

Those behind the program have worked on a variety of shows for young and mature audiences such as Jane the Virgin , Insatiable, and of course Hannah Montana! Meaning a show about a royal teenager with super powers may attract various audiences. From my point of view the series appears to have a possibility of being similar to The Darkest Minds or Marvel’s Runaways.

Posted in another DisInsider article, the Loki series has added Rick and Morty writer Michael Waldron as the series writer and executive producer. The Mandalorian has also recently wrapped production, making Secret Society of Second Born Royals another of the few announced additions to the sci-fi genre that will be joining Disney+

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  2. This project is being made as a movie, not a tv series. I suppose it could turn into a series, but as of now it’s a feature film.

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