‘Star Wars: Skywalker Saga’ Rewatch Week 1: ‘A New Hope’

There’s only seven weeks left until the much anticipated The Rise of Skywalker hits theaters November 20 and with that coming up, we can’t not do a Skywalker Saga rewatch!

This week we went back to the beginning and watched Star Wars: A New Hope.

A New Hope opens with stunning visuals that were unlike any others of its time.  Before CGI, Lucasfilm utilized practical effects by photographing mini spaceships with a Dykstraflex system, which was developed for the film.  From then on, Lucasfilm set the bar for visual effects and continued to grow the industry.

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Other than that, George Lucas created a world like no other with powers, rules and limitations.  He taught us about the Force, the Jedi, the Rebellion, and the Galactic Empire, while also taking care with each character.  

Perhaps my favorite thing about A New Hope is Luke’s journey.   We can all relate in someway to the struggle he feels towards wanting more in life, but feeling an obligation to his home and family.  

There’s something cathartic about the way Luke is able to find himself gradually throughout the film and finally, accepting and trusting his place in the galaxy by defeating the Death Star. 

Then, there’s the beginnings of a blossoming relationship- Han and Leia.  They remain the true king and queen of the enemies to lovers trope.  The two butt heads, bicker and cause tension that keeps me on the edge of my seat. There’s something quite alluring about both of their stubbornness, but in the end is probably what caused their demise.

Finally, there’s the introduction of Darth Vader.  A villain with powers beyond human control and merciless to none, not even a princess.  The sound of his low breathing and his iconic theme leaves an unforgettable impression and a sense of foreboding of what’s to come.  

Not to mention, it’s always a trip to over-analyze every scene he’s in, knowing what we know now.

Star Wars: A New Hope is my favorite film from the Original Trilogy, possibly from the binary sunset scene alone.  It takes a very magical concept and throws in characters that audiences can relate to and grow with, which is what Star Wars is all about.

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