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Kevin Feige is Going to CCXP – What Does Marvel Studios Have in Store?

November 30, 2019Julia Delbel

2019 has been quite the ride for Marvel Studios fans: we got the first female-led installment of the franchise in Captain Marvel, witnessed the end of the journey for multiple fan-favorite characters in Avengers: Endgame, and saw our first look into the post-blip MCU in Spider-Man: Far From Home. All three movies joined the $1 billion+ club – marking the first time every Marvel movie released in the same calendar year have reached that achievement – and Endgame nearly tripled that number to become the highest-grossing film of all time.

But even after the movies were over for the year, the MCU roller-coaster just kept on throwing us for loop after loop. Their San Diego Comic-Con presentation featured eleven projects of which ten were to be released over the next two years and absolutely blew the roof off of Hall H. Then they unveiled even more at the next month’s D23 Expo, most notably three additional Disney+ shows to join the four that had already been announced. And of course, the latter event occurred at the beginning of five weeks of publicized tension between Disney and Sony over Spider-Man’s future, ending with an announcement that the character was getting two more appearances in the MCU, including a third solo outing to resolve the big cliff-hanger we were left with in Far From Home.

You’d think that all the Marvel madness we’ve experienced this year would be more than enough MCU-related excitement for 2019, but it looks like we’re getting even more news before it’s over. Marvel head Kevin Feige (no, not just Marvel Studios head anymore – yet another development from 2019) is heading to CCXP in Brazil next weekend, meaning something exciting is certainly in store for True Believers.

CCXP is a fan convention in Brazil that is quickly rising in the ranks to become a major player in movie announcements and sneak peeks alongside New York Comic-Con and the aforementioned San Diego Comic-Con and D23 Expo. It’s become the big event for studios and talent to head to present their end-of-year goodies (last year fans were treated to exclusive footage from Captain Marvel and Spider-Man: Far From Home, among other films). It was looking like this year was going to be Warner Bros.’s time to thrust their upcoming DC movies into the spotlight, with Birds of Prey and Wonder Woman 1984 confirmed to be part of the festivities. But Feige’s planned appearance is a game changer, and shows that Marvel Studios isn’t going to let their spotlight dim without a fight.

The question now is, what could possibly be announced? We have some theories…

Black Widow

The beginning of December tends to be big for trailers, and is usually when we get our first glimpse at a lot of the summer blockbusters for the upcoming year. So it seems likely that we’ll be getting the first trailer for Black Widow – set for release on May 1 – sometime this week…but CCXP presentation isn’t until December 7.

The movie will almost certainly be showcased at the event regardless, being Marvel Studios’s next release and all, but we could see this go one of two ways: either CCXP gets the trailer first and the rest of us have to wait until the week after or beyond (like what happened with Spider-Man: Far From Home last year) or the trailer is publicly released before the convention and those in attendance get to see some other exclusive footage from the film (as with Captain Marvel last year). This could go either way, but we’re gonna bet on the latter.

Other Footage

There were a lot of Marvel announcements this summer between SDCC and D23, but those presentations were lacking one big thing: footage. This was an unfortunate case of those events occurring before filming for most of the announced projects had even started, and the reason why the only footage shown was from Black Widow, and What If…? the only two projects that had even begun shooting and things like the Zemo preview for The Falcon and the Winter Solider and the WandaVision teaser didn’t use clips from the actual projects.

That won’t be an issue at CCXP, though, since The Eternals is well underway into its shoot and Disney+’s The Falcon and the Winter Soldier has been in production for about a month now. So it seems likely the lucky attendees of the presentation will get a sneak peek of one or both of those projects, and we expect that those will take up a good chunk of the 45-minute presentation time.

More Announcements?

Our picture of the future of the post-Infinity Saga MCU has become clearer with each announcement we’ve gotten over the course of this year. We know the studio has 14 movies coming out over the next four years, and what and when seven of them will be. We know we’re getting at least eight Disney+ series during that time (but probably more) what they are, and when five of them will be released. But there’s still a lot that’s blurry, namely the names and dates for the other seven movie slots and the timeline for when the three Disney+ shows announced at the D23 Expo will be coming out.

There have been plenty of rumors and hints as to what else could be in store that fans have spotted, and with some of these things becoming fairly concrete, CCXP might be a good time for Marvel to let them out in the open. We recently found out there will be a third Ant-Man movie, set to begin shooting in 2021. D23 Expo’s movie panel saw the reveal of the Black Panther II title card and release date, so it’s very possible the CCXP presentation could do the same for the third Ant-Man movie. (We also know Guardians of the Galaxy vol. 3, Blade, The Fantastic 4, a second Captain Marvel movie, and something to do with Mutants are all on the docket, so those are theoretically on the table as well, though we imagine this presentation is going to be more footage-heavy than announcement-heavy so we don’t expect to hear about many of those projects, if any).

One announcement we wouldn’t be surprised to see – and if we do get it, we expect it to be the big closer to the panel – is information about the Deadpool franchise as the character transitions from the now-defunct FOX Marvel Universe to the MCU. We now know there are four MCU movie dates for 2022, and since Ryan Reynolds is already going to be at CCXP it seems like a pretty logical thing for them to do.

What are you expecting to see from Marvel Studios at CCXP next Saturday? Let us know in the comments below, and be sure to check back to The DisInsider for updates on the event!


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    Kevin Feige is Going to CCXP – What Does Marvel Studios Have in Store?

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