Disney+ Is Worth Over $100 Billion By Investors

Disney+ launched a little over a month ago, and the new streaming giant is making waves with investors.

According to CNBC, Disney+ has been valued by investors at over a $100 billions an estimate by Barclays, which shows confidence in streaming service by investors.

Barclays estimated the value of the streaming services which include Disney+, Hulu and ESPN+ by calculating an enterprise value for the core business of Disney, and then subtracting that estimate from the company’s current total enterprise value of roughly $320 billion. Enterprise value is a measure that combines market cap with short and long-term debt.

Barclays estimates that Disney is bringing in over $213 billion via the movie studios, parks, television, retail, etc. That leaves Disney+ at around $100-$108 billion, which is 69% of Netflix’s enterprise, which took the streaming giant 13 years to get to that point.

Disney has a market cap of about $260 billion, while Netflix is at about $144 billion.


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Since Disney+ launched back in November the service has earned over 15 million subscribers, with over 25 million app downloads.

Along with over 80 years of exsisting Disney content, the service offers a variety of popular original programming like The Mandalorian, The Imagineering Story, High School Musical: The Musical: The Series, Togo, Lady and the Tramp, Noelle, The World According to Jeff Goldblum, and Encore, amongst others to come in 2020 and beyond.

Source: CNBC

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