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Emma Watts Resigns As President of Production At Disney’s 20th Century Studios

Emma Watts, one of the key figures in getting films like Deadpool and Logan made has resigned from her post as President of Production at Disney’s 20th Century Studios.

Watts was one of the major key figures from Fox to make the move to Disney after the merger and was expected to oversee the development of films to the big screen and Hulu. according to Deadline, Watts was not forced out or fired, but resigned on her own will. Areplaced will be hired and announced in the coming weeks.

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Disney has reported that there will not be in any changes to the planned 20th Century Studios development of release dates.

Some of the key films Watts was expected to oversee included, Free Guy, West Side Story, the Avatar sequels, amongst others.


Disney Studios co-chairman and chief creative officer Alan Horn and co-chairman Alan Bergman released a joint statement:

“Emma has made many wonderful contributions to Fox over the past two decades, shepherding a number of memorable films to the screen. We truly appreciate and thank her for her commitment and partnership in overseeing the transition in this past year and wish her the best.”

Legendary filmmaker and the director of West Side Story Steven Spielberg also commented on Watts’:

“Emma is a studio executive in title, but a filmmaker at heart. Her support and willingness to take risks is what this business has always thrived on. I can’t wait to see what Emma does next and I’ll work with her again on anything at any time.”

Deadpool himself took to Twitter to let everyone know what Watts means to him and the now iconic Marvel character:

Finally Watts emailed her team at Disney her gratitude:

“Disney has an immensely gifted and creative leadership team, and I am so thankful to have had the opportunity to be a part of the expanded company. Even more so, I am deeply grateful for the time I’ve spent with all of you. Thank you for your dedication to supporting great talent and storytelling, and above all, for your friendship.”

As of now, Watts has not shared any details regarding what her immediate plans are next.

Source: Deadline

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