The Walt Disney Company Is Pledging $5 Million Dollars Into Nonprofits That Support The Advancement Of Social Justice

The Walt Disney Company has reported today that they are pledging $5 million dollars for Nonprofits that are forwarding social justice acts. So far, they have contributed $2 million dollars to the NAACP, so they may continue to fight polarity and racial discrimination through their education programs.

“The killing of George Floyd has forced our nation to once again confront the long history of injustice that black people in America have suffered, and it is critical that we stand together, speak out and do everything in our power to ensure that acts of racism and violence are never tolerated,” said Bob Chapek, Chief Executive Officer, The Walt Disney Company. “This $5 million pledge will continue to support the efforts of nonprofit organizations such as the NAACP that have worked tirelessly to ensure equality and justice.”

Disney has always supported organizations that advocate for social justice and will continue to do so until change starts to happen. They have pledged to the NAACP as well as donated $2.5 million to United Negro College Fund so students can achieve higher education.

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With their pledges, they have also instituted Disney Employee Matching Gifts program. This program will double any donation made by their employees towards organizations that advocate for social justice.

Lastly, The Walt Disney Company has been addressing racial discrimination through various media outlets. They showcased various projects though their TV networks and urged that everyone speak up and be aware of what was happening around them. ABC aired America in Pain: What Comes Next?, which dives into the protests going on in response to the murder of George Floyed.

Make sure you check these programs out and start thinking about the difference you can make for social justice.

Source: The Walt Disney Company

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