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REVIEW: ‘Artemis Fowl’

Aside from Mandalorian eager subscribers were wondering what original content would be coming to the streaming service. With the massive competition in the streaming wars, it was obvious that Disney had a massive catalog of well known Ip like Star Wars, Marvel, Pixar, Simpson, and a ton of the Fox properties that would be moving over to the platform. Disney would have to add original content to keep and grow the subscribers. Films like New Mutants were looked at but eventually, Disney decided to put films like The One and Only Ivan and Artemis Fowl, the latter of which premiered on the platform this past weekend.

Based on the widely successful children’s book Artemis Fowl, it follows the titular character a 12-year-old genius who discovers his long lineage of masterminds and is quickly thrown into the deep end as he and the people closest to him as they are forced to battle with a powerful race of fairies.

Kenneth Branagh is a filmmaker of great pedigree and one who has shown he can adapt source material that has great lore with the likes of Cinderella and Murder on the Orient Express in his filmography so he seems like a fantastic director but this truly seemed to have no guidance which is where it all starts from beginning to end truly seems like it had no sense of purpose. It’s extremely disappointing but he didn’t have much of a great start with such a lackluster script it all starts to add up. There seemed likes chunks of the film were missing and it was all chopped together, the dialogue comes across and cheesy and really trying to play it up. The most jarring of all would the visual effects, the ones on the monsters seem very dated and look out of place, the effects for the world came across as very bland and simply had no substance and offered nothing exciting.

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The cast was working an uphill battle with such 2-dimensional characters that offered nothing to truly work with. When you have two fantastic actors like Judy Dench and Colin Farrell who are severely underused and really don’t add much to the story it seems like such a missed opportunity. Josh Gad is simply put in the comedic role of the film and simply whenever a joke needs to be told to make this a light-hearted film he is inserted and it comes across as trying to put a squared peg through a round hole. When the actual lead to of the film is of course supposed to be a genius of extraordinary proportions but comes across an arrogant condescending narcissist it does make you want to go on the journey with the character or even care for him.

The film truly has no redeeming qualities to the film, it changes many things from it source material, never truly has any funny or stand out moments. A film that didn’t do justice to its source material, its cast, or the fans of the material. It all adds up to what is truly a disappointment.

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