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Broadway’s ‘Once On This Island’ Being Adapted For Disney+

It’s been less than a month since the live stage recording of Hamilton hit Disney+, but it looks like the streaming service has already set its sights on another musical production.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Disney will be adapting the tropical Broadway show Once On This Island next. Unlike Hamilton though, this adaption will be an actual film as opposed to a live recording.

Wanuri Kahiu, who directed the critically acclaimed foreign language film Rafiki, will direct, while playwright and actress Jocelyn Bioh (Spike Lee and Netflix’s She’s Gotta Have It) is penning the script.

Based on the novel, My Love, My Love; or, The Peasant Girl, by Rosa Guy the original one-act Broadway musical tells the story of a poor girl who lives on a tropical island and tries to use the power of love to unite its inhabitants.

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The musical premiered on Broadway in 1990, but only ran for a year; however in 2018, it was revived again and has since gained a bit of a cult following.

Between the fans and the story’s positive message, it’s no wonder how it caught the studio’s attention. As the positive reception of Hamilton continues to pour in, it’s unlikely it’ll be the last the musical to make the jump to platform too.

Source: THR

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