Disney Plus One? The Streaming Service Might Be Getting A Watch Party Feature

The COVID-19 pandemic might go down in history as one of the worst public health crises the world has ever seen, but it helped to shed a light on the real power of technology in our lives. Everyone can admit that social distancing is hard to practice; however with applications like Zoom, or even the ability to attend a virtual Watch Party, it’s all been a little easier to endure.

Even as the pandemic appears to wind down in some parts of the world, Watch Parties in particular still seem to be increasingly popular. And it appears that Disney has taken notice.

According to data mining done by the site Disney Plus Informer, some new code has been embedded onto the Disney+ streaming site this week indicating that a new Watch Party – or “Group Watch” as they refer to it – feature is in development. You can check out a photo of some of the code below.

Courtesy of Disney Plus Informer.

The site goes onto say that the feature would only be available for current Disney+ subscribers, although if you wanted to use the feature with a person who didn’t have a subscription, you could still send them a link. The link would, in turn, ask them if they wanted to sign up. As of right now, it looks like a Watch Party could include up to 7 people.

The new feature would also include some sort of interactive chat and require a PIN as a security precaution. It would also only be accessible from a computer, laptop, or mobile device.

The Disney Plus Informer suggests that the feature could be available as early as this upcoming Friday to coincide with the streaming service’s first “Premier Access” release, Mulan. That makes sense considering the scope of the film. However, the site says the code implies every member of a Watch Party member will need Premier Access to the film. So if you were planning on splitting the cost of the film with friends, “Group Watch” may not be the best financial option.

Now, of course there hasn’t been any official confirmation from Disney, but there is enough evidence in the site’s code for anyone to see that this is a feature the company is seriously working on. It’s also important to note that anything can change between now and the feature’s official rollout – whenever it may be – so until then we’ll all just have to keep watch!

Source: Disney Plus Informer

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